Delivering the next generation of software for unmanned underwater systems

Skarv Technologies AS is founded by four PhDs from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology,  Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems, and the Applied Underwater Robotics Laboratory. Skarv delivers software- and hardware solutions for autonomous robotic systems operating in the marine environment, specializing in applications that require a high degree of self-dependence and robustness. We are experts in creating mission critical software infrastructure to operate and scale robotic fleets. We believe that ocean exploration deserves capable and reliable autonomous software to acquire data effectively, safely, and with unprecedented accuracy.


Autonomy software

Skarv Technologies proprietary autonomy architecture, navigation solution, and unmatched situational awareness (driven by real-time data streams) provide an ideal platform to automate a wide range of tasks underwater, such as autonomous net- and hull cleaning, coverage mapping, pipe tracking, subsea inspection, etc. We also provide adaptive mission planning capabilities to support long duration missions at full ocean depth, as well as simulation and optimization software. Reduce time and cost while also increasing the prospect of retrieving relevant data. Our software is flexible and can be implemented on various platform and tailored to perform a wide range of tasks.


Data analysis

We offer consultancy services and tools for doing complex data processing and analysis. This includes modern machine vision and intelligence methods such as: machine learning, object detection, segmentation, and classification. We specialize on data streams captured in the ocean such as 2D/3D video, point clouds, hyperspectral imaging, acoustic imaging and communications, and typical time-series data.

Autonomous platform services and survey support

We offer help with customized sensor- and software integrations for marine robotic solutions. Based on over 15 years experience doing autonomous underwater operations at various depths and in the Arctic, using USVs, AUVs, and ROVs. We can help turning concepts into solutions and offer expertise and support for complex survey missions where autonomy is required.

Data visualization

Do you have large data structures that you either need to visualize or work with interactively? We can provide web-based portals to explore, query, visualize, and analyse geospatial data. Gain overview and new insight into your data and share this with clients or public users. We have experience with spatio-temporal data formats such as netCDF and HDF5, GIS data, as well as conventional video and imaging data types.


Lets work together

We continue to participate in research and innovation activity on topics such as robotics, oceanography, biology, statistics, and artificial intelligence. We are open to partnerships with national and international organizations to develop new and interdisciplinary solutions. Our goal is to actively contribute towards improving our understanding of our worlds environments through sustainable technological solutions.


Autonomous mapping for Bergen municipality

As a part of the "Renere Havn Bergen" project, Skarv Technologies is currently conducting a large optical survey of Store Lungegårdsvann. The goal is to provide a high resolution orthomosaic map of the seafloor for purposes of clean-up and removal of trash and pollution. Read more about the project by clicking the title above.

The ATOM project

Together with Maritime Robotics AS (MR) and Ecotone AS, Skarv Technologies have been granted a 2-year NFR project for autonomous mapping using AUVs and USVs. The project seeks to develop an effective and intelligent solution for seafloor mapping using an underwater hyperspectral imager from Ecotone carried on a Skarv AUV; that is deployed from a surface USV platform from MR. The system will have a broad market appeal within aquaculture, subsea inspection, and environmental mapping.


Join us!

Skarv Technologies is hiring! We are currently seeking software engineers with an international profile that has experience in marine technology and autonomy systems. Preferably with a PhD education level and experience with academic research. To get more information and apply sending us an e-mail with your CV and contact info.

We are working towards a more autonomous future where exploration of the ocean is done using robotic assets.